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Bridal Gown FAQs
How much do your gowns cost?

Our gowns are typically start at $1000 and up. We do also have a sample sale section in the store where you can buy gowns off the rack for a discounted price.

What are your hours?

For your convenience, we are open 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm daily.

Which designers do you carry?

Please refer to our Designers page for a full list.

Love our selection but still not found the style you are looking for?
  • While we take every care to show as many of our gowns as we can on our website we do offer some other gowns and a lot of custom options as well. Alternatively we can sometimes borrow some styles in from our designers for you to try if we do not have them in store.
  • Please refer to individual designers websites to see their entire collections.
  • Borrowing in fees will apply and we usually need about 2-3 weeks’ notice depending on the gown you want to see.
Do I need to make an appointment to try on dresses?

Appointments are HIGHLY recommended. Why? At the weekends (and some week days) we are often fully booked. We don’t want brides to be disappointed when they arrive excited to try gowns and we are not able to assist them as we are working with brides who have booked out the store for the rest of the day.

We are a small boutique with a limited number of dressing rooms and staff. Each bride is allocated her own personal dressing room and consultant, and if you arrive without an appointment there is no guarantee you will be able to try on dresses, as the dressing rooms may already be booked or in use by other brides. We will always give as much help as possible to every person who walks into the boutique, and you are always welcome to come in and look at our gowns, but if you want to try on bridal dresses please call us in advance and make an appointment with us to avoid disappointment.

Our appointments are 90 minutes long, and as we will usually have appointments immediately prior and immediately following your appointment, so should you arrive early or late, we may not be able to assist you as much as we would like.

To make your appointment click here

If you are unable to make your appointment please let us know as soon as possible as we may have other brides on our waiting list who are excited to see our gowns too!


Who should I bring to my appointment?

We do have limited space so for this reason we kindly request that you bring no more than 2-3 guests. If you wish to bring more guests we will always do our very best to accommodate you, but please tell us in advance so we can arrange extra seating for you. From experience we have found that more than 3 guests can also make things confusing for you, with so many different opinions – but the choice is completely up to you!

If you have to bring more than three people please let us know as each dressing room area only has seating for three, and although it will be a bit cozy we will see if we can find a couple of extra chairs!

We love children, but if possible we ask that you make alternative arrangements for young children, as due to the nature of our gowns and the possibility that brides maybe having fittings on their actual gowns there may be pins, needles and scissors within reach of tiny hands- ouch!

Can I bring Champagne to the store to celebrate?

We do not allow champagne in the store, there are many reasons but here are a few

  • Firstly we DO NOT ALLOW any food or drink in the store. We want to protect the gowns that brides have purchased and are having fittings on in the store. We also want to protect our sample gowns in the store, so that brides can try on clean dresses
  • We do not have a liquor license and we don’t want to break the law, even if you bring your own, it would still not be legal.
  • We want our brides to make an informed choice and order the dress on their dreams – if your judgment is clouded that may not be the case, and we cannot cancel your order once it is place

There are many great bars and restaurants in the area where you can go and celebrate after you have chosen your gown and we will be happy to make recommendations!

What sizes can you order and what sample sizes do you carry in the store?

Whatever your dress size do not worry! The vast majority of the sample dresses that we carry in the store are sized 12, (which is close to a regular size 8) but we also have a selection of gowns sized 16-18. As is true of most bridal stores, your consultant will expertly pin and clip each gown to show it much closer to your body size and shape. We are able to order a size 0- 22 on most styles that we carry.

I’ve found the gown! What next?

Congratulations! It is not uncommon for you to say yes to your dress at your first appointment so here’s what you need to know:

o If you find a dress

that you want to order, we will take your measurements, determine the size from

the designers chart and get a gown made just for you.

o We will walk you

through choices of color/fabric/customization options to choose from to ensure

you get your perfect dress.

o We will also take your deposit of 50% at that

time and provide you with your contract and terms and conditions that your

consultant will go through with you and your order will be placed that day.

o Once you place your

order your bridal gown will be made, and will arrive in our salon several

months later.

o You will then have

alterations on the gown to achieve an absolutely perfect fit, walk down that

aisle and live happily ever after!

How and when do I pay for my gown?

When you decide on a gown, a minimum 50% non-refundable deposit is made. Please note we do not allow refunds, cancellations, exchanges or returns. This is because the fabric is literally cut when we place the order with the designer. The remainder of the balance is due when the gown is delivered to our store. We will call you to let you know that it is here and you will need to pay the balance within 14 days after we call or upon the first alterations, whichever comes first. Alterations cannot occur on a gown until the gown is paid for in full. If an “off the rack” gown is purchased, it must be paid in full at the time of purchase as you will be taking it with you that day!

How long does it take to make a gown?

Our quickest designer takes around 3 months and our longest designer takes about 5 months (without rush fees). Ideally you don’t want the gown to arrive any later than 8 weeks before the wedding date, as you will need to allow time for alterations. We recommend you order your gown no later than 8 months before your wedding date if possible.

Help! I need a gown in less than 3 months!

Yes we can! We could sell you a gown off the rack so you would be able to take it away with you the same day. Our samples are typically bridal size 12, (close to a real size 8) and we do have some larger sizes too, but we can make gowns smaller or larger through alterations. You could also pay a rush fee, but even with a rush fee 8 weeks is about the fastest we can get a gown made, and it is not always available depending on a particular designer’s workload.

What is a rush fee?

A rush fee is the fee the designer charges to complete the gown in a shorter amount of time than usual. Rush fees vary from designer to designer, but are typically 10-20% of the cost of the gown. You would only need to pay a rush fee if you needed your gown quicker than the standard 3-6 months. To avoid the rush fee’s we recommend you order your gown no later than 8 months before your wedding date. That allows time for the gown to be made and also alterations to take place.

Are alterations costs included in the price of the gown?

No, alterations are a separate charge, and here’s why; bridal gowns are ordered in the closest standard size to your size, so alterations vary from bride to bride and dress to dress. A bride who is 6ft tall will not need the same hem as a bride who is 5ft 2”, and a bride who is a pear shape will need very different alterations to a bride who has a more athletic build. We do have alterations experts who work out of our store but you are free to use anybody you wish for alterations. As please feel free to ask about alterations costs at your appointment, and click the alterations button on our home page for more information.

Can gowns be customized to accommodate either my specific taste or religious requirements for my wedding?

Yes, because our gowns are made to order all of our gowns can be customized either though the designer or through our alterations experts. There are literally endless possibilities, just let us know what you are looking for during your appointment and we can show you examples and turn your dream dress into a reality.

Can I buy your gowns online?

No. None of our designers permit their wedding gowns to legitimately be sold online, and we refuse to work with any designer who allows their gowns to be sold online. We hear countless stories about brides who buy a wedding gown online in an attempt to save money and end up heartbroken as the gown is a forgery, or damaged, or not the size they were expecting, or has been altered so it is no longer the size it once was. There really is no substitute for ordering your bridal gown through a store who is an authorized retailer of the designer you wish to buy (they will be listed on each designers’ website).

All of our gowns are already priced at the lowest price permitted by the designer, so if you cannot afford a particular dress we simply recommend you find a different dress, whether it is in our boutique or another bridal shop. Whether you buy your bridal gown from our boutique or another bridal store, we HIGHLY recommend you never buy your wedding gown online, it is simply never worth the risk. You are not simply buying a dress, you are buying a service and the knowledge that you are working with professionals who you can trust.

I love the images on your website - who took the pictures?

We love to showcase the work of local photographers and have used several on their images throughout our website. Photographers we love:

Amy and Jordan

Charity Maurer

Elyse Hall

Gina Meola

Courtney Sargent

Left Leaves
Right Leaves

The alterations that you have on your gown are just as important as the gown that you choose. Ivory Row is a full service bridal store, meaning that you are not alone when the alterations process starts. We will be with you every step of the way, from the moment you say “yes to the dress” until you said “I do”.

With this is mind here is a quick guide to what to expect…

  • Most brides will need alterations of some sort; the cost will vary from style to style and bride to bride. Your consultant can give you guidelines at your appointment.
  • You will know that you are in safe hands with our in house alterations team as all fittings are supervised by our store owner who has over 30 years of experience in custom bridal design.
  • Looking to change a neckline or add straps or sleeves? No problem! Our experienced seamstresses will talk you through all the options before you start.
  • Your seamstress will give you an alterations quote that is itemized and in writing at the start, so there are no surprises.
  • Pressing and steaming options are also available, just ask when you start fitting.
  • If you have any additional questions please let us know by calling 623-328-9180