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5 Ways to Stress Less During Your Wedding
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You’ve probably heard the frightening tales before. Stories of stressed out brides who go from being rational, level-headed women and turn into Bridezillas. From choosing the venue and figuring out the guest list to planning the menu and finding the perfect wedding gown for your big day, here are a few ways to ease into planning the wedding of your dreams, while ensuring the talk centers around the romance of your nuptials and not your emotional meltdown, because you took on too much.

  1. 1. Plan Ahead – Take your time to plan your wedding. Many popular wedding venues need a year’s advance notice to book reservations. Ensuring that you get the perfect wedding gown takes time. Because designers custom make dresses after they are ordered, it is highly recommended that wedding gowns should be ordered at least eight months ahead of time. This allows extra time for any necessary alterations. This way, there are no ugly last minute surprises.

2. Delegate – First, make sure your fiancé is involved in the planning. Even if he has a “whatever you want” attitude about the whole event, it’s his wedding, too. Ask his opinion and ask him to help run necessary errands

Second, when your friends offer their help, take them up on it. They’re excited about your wedding, too, and want you to be happy. If it’s a matter of running an errand or getting a vote on the décor, let them enjoy the planning of the festivities and take some time to enjoy the process.

3. Forget About “the Perfect Wedding” Be flexible with the dates, the menu, the décor, and everything in between. While you are likely to find the perfect wedding gown for your style, keep in mind that nothing in life goes completely according to plan. Embrace the little bumps and snags along the way. They’ll make fun stories to tell during your wedding reception or years down the road.

If you have a specific wedding idea in mind, bring photos. Communication is key, but sometimes it’s better to show your vision, rather than attempting to describe it to someone who doesn’t know you.

4. Breathe – It’s something that seems so natural, but when overstressed, it’s easy to forget. Even when your checking over your To-Do list twice and thrice, be sure to take a little bit of time to enjoy the Now. Remember the things you enjoy doing for you. Read a book. Catch up with your friends over coffee and discuss something that doesn’t involve your wedding caterer. Go out on a date with your sweetheart. Just breathe and relax. Your to-do list will still be there.

5. Enjoy – This is a day to celebrate love between two people. While you want things to run smoothly, everyone there is more interested in celebrating you and your spouse. They are less concerned about if the placemats perfectly match. Plan ahead, delegate, forget perfection, breathe, and Enjoy the process. It’s your wedding!

Ivory Row Bridal enjoys making your wedding day as stress-free as possible. Call for an appointment (623) 328-9180 and let us pamper you as you choose your wedding gown from our collection of dresses featuring the finest designers.