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The History of the Wedding Veil
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Wedding veils, which have been worn in many cultures throughout history, are associated with beauty and style. At one time they were a must have traditional wedding accessory. Then for a short time they were still worn but less often. Now they once again are one of the top fashions for the bride to be. It is a bit of a surprise then to learn of the bizarre origin of this part of the bride's ensemble.

The first veil was not the beautiful accessory we see today. It was a red sheet called a flammeum. Ancient Romans believed evil spirits would try to ruin the wedding so brides were covered in this sheet in the hopes the spirits would think the bride was on fire and stay away. Over time it was made shorter and used to disguise the bride instead of suggesting she was ablaze. Different patriarchal cultures also used the shortened versions to hide the bride's face from her husband and guests. When he lifted her veil it was a sign that she was now his and no longer under ownership of her father or brothers.


Many picture a wedding veil as a long translucent material that falls over the entire head , but there are other types. Trends come and go, but there are different wedding veil lengths for stylish brides who want a gorgeous covering no matter the current trends.

  • Shoulder length- These flow to the shoulders or just below. If your dress has beading or other delicate designs this veil is short enough to show off your dress.
  • Elbow length – If you plan to step down the aisle in a exquisite ball gown, you may prefer this type as it is especially flattering when worn with full gowns. Many of elbow length veils also have a blusher which is a small piece of delicate cloth that partially covers the face.
  • Waltz length – This type is lovely yet safer if there is a reception and dancing. This wedding veil is anywhere from the knee to ankle. If you want a long wedding veil but don't want to trip when dancing, this is a good choice. You'll look stunning but still be able to dance with the love of your life without any worry of literally falling at your own wedding.
  • Chapel length- Made for the elegant wedding of your dreams, this beautiful length falls all the way to the floor. This classic wedding veil is for formal weddings when you want the formal look but not a trailing train of material behind you.
  • Cathedral length – This type is for the most formal and royal of weddings when you want to feel and look like a queen. It is long enough that the material flows behind you on the floor as you walk. It's a good idea to have train bearers with this one. Not only will it be breathtakingly beautiful but having a young attendant holding the end of the veil as you walk adds to the royalty feel of the overall wedding service.

When choosing your veil go with your heart. Trends come and go in bridal fashion. Choose something current or create your own trend. Choose your dress first so you can compliment it with the veil. The wedding veil is the finishing touch to your wedding wardrobe so be selective but remember to have fun too on the happiest day of your life!

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