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Making the Most of Your Bridal Hairstyles
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Your wedding day is the prime day for you to shine. With all of the planning and time you have put into making sure the celebration of your nuptials is everything you always wanted it to be, you definitely want to present yourself as the beautiful Queen you are once the big day arrives. Like everything else during the wedding planning process, making sure you have the best bridal hairstyle to make sure you look your best takes time and research.

Ask yourself a few questions ahead of time. What is the theme of your wedding? Are you planning a wedding that is Elegant, Chic, Bohemian, Country, or even Renaissance? Do you have a specific wedding dress or style already in mind? If not, selecting the dress you want to wear for your wedding should be the first step. You want to be sure your hairstyle will flatter the look of the dress and go well with the neckline. Bridal hairstyles can range from long and flowing fairytale princess waves, an elegantly romantic upsweep, or a chic and sophisticated bouffant. Take the time you need to look through bridal magazines, hairstyle books, and websites. Don’t be afraid to ask your hairstylist for advice. This will give you an idea of the different styles that will fit with your face shape, as well as the style of your dress.

Book your hair and makeup service early. The best time for your hair trial is shortly after you have placed the order for your wedding dress. A hair trial allows you to find the bridal hairstyles that best fit you, in the same way that trying on a number of dresses ahead of time allows you the time to find what inspires you.

Bridal hairstyles do not need to be complex. Simple, soft waves or a low, braided bun can go a long way in completing your look. Your wedding day is a time when you don’t need to be as conservative as you may be with your daily style. Don’t be afraid to add highlights to your hair or accessorize by adding pearls, jewels, or even a crown of Baby’s Breath.

Most importantly, be sure to get a scalp massage and a deep conditioning treatment before your wedding. Not only will this ensure that your hair is in prime condition, but will give you a little down time from your wedding preparations while allowing you to relax.

When it comes to making your wedding day shine,Ivory Row Bridal is here to make sure you look your best. Call us to schedule a fitting appointment at 623-328-9180.