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Non-Traditional Wedding Venues
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Your wedding is as unique as your relationship. So why would you settle for just any place to share your nuptials? Instead of settling for a standard church or hall rental, choose a wedding venue that will make your wedding day extra special.

Botanical Garden

Having a wedding in a Botanical Garden is a colorful option for either a large gathering or an intimate affair. Many botanical gardens offer flexible budgets which allow you to use their recommended vendors or have friends or relatives help with some of the duties (i.e., décor, photography, catering, etc.).


If you are looking for a unique wedding venue that is equal parts of romantic, elegant, and magical, then hosting you wedding at your local zoo is an option you will not regret. Not only are there a large number of exquisite photo opportunities, but your guests will enjoy the tranquil and exotic atmosphere. Keep aware of possible weather conditions for the time of year you are planning your ceremony. If anything unexpected comes up, contact your event planner so your wedding can be smoothly moved indoors.

Public/Historic Building

There are a variety of options and budgets when holding your wedding in a historical building. These can range from a bare bones amenities rental in which you provide your own vendors for the occasion. Or, there may be packages which already include everything you need from equipment rental to fully staffed 5-star catering and service. All you need to do is choose what you want included as part of your wedding day. This takes a little bit of the stress off of your shoulders.


Many museums have wedding packages which can include everything from private tours of the museum’s collection for your guests to catering and entertainment that is uniquely designed for the museum’s theme.

Estate Rental

Renting an estate for a wedding venue involves a little bit of planning. Because of the extra requirements of renting an estate for a venue, which includes possible insurance, permits, generators, security, and other necessary amenities, it is best to hire an event planner who has experience in working with estates.

Rental Homes

If you want to rent a spacious home for your event, instead of a full estate, the Air BnB of wedding venues, Splacer, allows you to choose from a variety of homes that are likely to fit with your wedding and budget.


Looking for a fairy tale and romance rolled into one? A winery wedding is what you are looking for. Many wineries include beautifully designed amenities, catering, set up of decoration, and after wedding clean up. Each winery has its own unique features and specialized services which will create an especially extraordinary ambience.

Wherever you decide to have your wedding venue,Ivory Row Bridal is passionate about providing brides with the opportunity to find the dress that inspires their wedding day. Visit our Gallery, then give us a call to make an appointment with one of our specialists at 623-328-9180.