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Wedding Reception Ideas Your Guests Will Be Talking About
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While you’re deciding on the details for your wedding day, ranging from what kind of wedding dress to what kind of food you want served at your reception, be sure to make your wedding reception as unique and fun as the bride and groom. You want a day that is not only a celebration of your love for one another, but also a memorable experience for your guests.

Here wedding reception ideas that will keep the enjoyable memories going for years to come.


  • Now, that the ceremony is over, it’s time to relax and enjoy yourself. Change out of your wedding dress into something shorter and more fun. Let your hair down. Or, kick your shoes off. It’s time for some fun!
  • Instead of a standing for a long greeting line, mingle with your guests throughout the night.
  • Are there guests who would like to come to your reception, but aren’t able to get child care for the event? Why not make it fun for the children, also? Add crayons or other fun items at the children’s table. Or, hire a babysitter who can entertain the children in a separate room. This way the adults can enjoy the party and still have a chance to check up on their little ones.


  • Before you decide if you want chicken, beef, fish, or none of the above for your wedding reception ask your guests to list any food allergies they may have on their RSVP. This will make it easier for you to plan around some dietary restrictions and allow you to have items prepared ahead of time.
  • Stick to appetizers or finger food items. This allows your guests to easily handle their food, while giving them plenty of time for socializing and dancing.
  • It doesn’t necessarily have to be dinner. Serve a fun breakfast menu or even desserts, such as a wedding ice cream party. Make it fun!


What makes your relationship unique? Do you love adventure? Have you always wanted to travel the world? Is there a fandom you both enjoy together? Create a theme that encompasses your hobbies or things that have meaning to the happy couple. Use this theme to make the decorations for the reception, while making each table something different based on the theme. Create a special playlist just for the occasion. Surprise your guests with the unexpected, yet unexpected.


Wedding favors can be as unique or useful as you want. Add everything from a personalized note to a special treat of bubbly that your guests will enjoy. Make the presentation fun, visual, and let your guests know you appreciate them being at your wedding and in your life.


  • People enjoy fun and laughter. The reception can include anything from funny stories about the bride and groom to well-placed cue cards that encourage wedding guest participation during the toasts.
  • Place silly childhood pictures of the bride and groom or funny quotes throughout the reception as part of the table décor.
  • Play games.

Most of All --- Have Fun!

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